Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hand Crafted Stainless Steel Jewelry

I make hand crafted Stainless Steel Jewelry,from wedding bands,fashion rings,cuff bracelets,pendants
to earrings.I just love the beautiful glow of Stainless Steel,my products have been compared to the
beauty of Platinum,without the "Platinum" price.Skin friendly,and very durable.Minor scratches can
be easily buffed out back to a beautiful glow in minutes.Try that with "Silver",it would rub the Silver
right down to the metal.Give Stainless a try,you wont regret it!!

******SURE******........You can buy "CHEAP"......BUT remember,you can either have a Cadillac,or Pinto?? My Steel comes from the USA,and everything is hand crafted,no seams or solder in my rings.My bracelets are over 1/16" thick!! VERY durable,something to think about when your browsing these other websites.My pieces are HAND CRAFTED,not MASS PRODUCED.Please visit my (categorized) website link below,and clickable photo links and see for yourself these great products,and how much they will change your thinking about other less quality jewelry.

Here is one of my comments from a repeat customer has to say about "cheap" metal.

"After comparing your quality with others, can't beat yours!! The other type of stainless is magnetic which my boyfriend says is a "cheaper" grade. So far I haven't taken off the bracelets yet since I received them. It's a "permanent" part of me!"

That was an actual quote from a customer,please click on my catagorized website link below to see my quality products,all come with a "lifetime guarantee".............


willam said...

Stainless steel railings are manufactured in latest designs that put some glorious look to the homes
and also are durable ones and the latest railing structures that are in high demand.

Pat LaBarge, blogger, home business owner said...

I personally know that the handcrafed jewelry made by Jim is of the best quality work and supplies. I market some of it in my eBay store. I suggest that others find out too by ordering from him.

Sanyo Seiki said...

This is better if you include the image of your work.

Sanyo Seiki

Elf Jewellery said...

I love reading blogs at your site. But myself too agree that if you display some of the pictures of your jewelries then this would attract more visitors for sure.

Stainless Steel Jewelry

Angela Alvin said...

Two years ago the unimaginable happened. After a trip to the restroom, I emerged unaware that I had just lost the centerpiece of my bridal set – my solitaire. As I frantically searched the questionable floors of the public restroom, I cursed and threatened my luck. Of course, as I was cursing and threatening, I was also acutely aware that this was probably the universe’s way of giving me what I deserved.
Stainless Steel Jewelry

Ralph Johnson said...

Love to wear these jewelries, they sparkle and are elegant.
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